Morton Buildings

Morton Buildings

Think of your dream building. Are you thinking of it? Good. Ok, now open your eyes and call Morton Buildings because they’ll build whatever you were thinking.

Morton Buildings constructs post-frame hobby garages, horse stables, airplane hangars, retail locations, country homes and more. A building from them is higher quality than the competition. It’s custom. It’s a Morton.

Like Coke and Kleenex and Xerox, the name Morton Buildings is synonymous with the product. That’s what happens when you’re the best in the industry for more than a century. We repeat: a century.

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Building on a Foundation of Success.

The website refresh and media work for Morton Buildings was the first collaboration between Osborn + Barr and Paramore. It set the stage for the eventual acquisition. We saw what we could do side-by-side, bringing decades of experience together for a client with an even longer history of success.


If You Build It Better, They Will Come.

A redesigned homepage improves user flow and pushes visitors to key conversions. We’re already seeing a 30% increase in sessions and a 47% bump in returning visitors compared to the previous year. People are spending more time — a full minute more — on the redesigned About page learning about Morton. A brand new Reviews page showcases real reviews from real people, in some cases in their own handwriting. Complementing the new designs is freshly written copy throughout the site that better tells the Morton story and accentuates the differences between Morton and industry posers.


Promoting a Valuable Promotion.

During January and February, Morton runs its biggest promotion of the year: Building Value Days. This year, we’re running paid search, paid social, display, content distribution and online radio. As the media campaign rolls out, the results roll in. Website traffic is up 29% and the fine folks at Morton told us qualified leads have doubled from the previous year.

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