Finish School

Finish School

Finish School. It’s simple. It’s memorable. It’s what you must do to succeed in the world.

This wasn’t always the brand for Accelerated Learning Solutions (ALS). The previous outward-facing “Your Diploma, Your Way” did an ineffective job communicating that ALS is much more than the high school diploma they provide. ALS’ tuition-free high schools offer crucial resources like special education accommodations, free transportation to school, childcare, mental health services, job placement and more.

Simply put, Accelerated Learning Solutions offers opportunity. They offer hope.

Challenging Students with a Call to Action

We needed to find something clear, something with a hook, something that’s useful for ALS feeder schools, and, most importantly, something that inspires students to not give up, to take that extra step, to finish school and take control of their future.


Connecting to #teens #online

The redesigned Finish School website strips away the clutter and guides young students, parents and counselors to key conversions with straightforward messaging and compelling visuals. We created a targeted media campaign to drive people to the website. Over a 3-month span, we saw an increase in web traffic of 383% over the previous year and generated 1,500 web leads.


Talking About School The Old School Way

The new brand extends to print with brochures and flyers leading students to enrollment. The print collateral is customizable for any of the ALS schools while it maintains the overarching brand message.


Student Stars of the Small Screen

The previous videos were in-your-face and edgy; neither of these traits represent ALS’s real-world product. We wrote a new TV campaign that hits closer to home. Finish School offers a life-changing opportunity for students, taking some from potential poverty to a situation where they can provide for their family.

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