Explore Gwinnett

Explore Gwinnett

Picture everything you know about the South. Now take that image and wash it away with a glass of sweet tea.

Gwinnett County, Georgia, is nothing like the stereotypes. It's the most diverse county in the South, and we’re proud of the diverse range of work we’ve done for them.

Press Play on New Branding

The logo we designed for Explore Gwinnett lends a polished yet playful vibe to the county. Gwinnett and Atlanta are neighbors so they’re tight, but Gwinnett needed an identity of its own. The new logo strikes that balance.


Not Your Typical Tourism Website

Instead of the traditional directory listings you see on many tourism websites, the Explore Gwinnett website is infused with local insights and editorial content that aims to inspire. The navigation puts each of Gwinnett’s cities front and center, while an itinerary builder matches visitors with their ideal Gwinnett experience.


Writing with Seoul

The Stories section features original editorial pieces, like “Seoul of the South,” which explores the county’s burgeoning Korean food scene. We also led a team of Atlanta writers in writing custom itineraries from a local’s perspective. Exclusive interviews paired with fresh photography feature the Gwinnett business owners, residents and tastemakers who bring energy to their county.


The Great Social Aggregator

We custom-built the Socializer to feed Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts about Gwinnett directly to exploregwinnett.org. The tool integrates seamlessly with the site’s CMS, allowing the Explore Gwinnett team to curate social posts from their fans to feature specific conversations, events or campaigns throughout the seasons.


That is Very Fine Print

The voice we established for Explore Gwinnett carries over to their print campaigns. We work closely with the Explore Gwinnett team to manage the publishing schedule and write every piece of content that represents the county, from a tiny brochure to a sweeping center spread.


Adventures on the Gorge