Cool Springs Financial

Cool Springs Financial

Elegant swagger. Cool Springs Financial has it in spades. The group has constructed premium finance platforms totaling more than $8 billion — no poker face here, we did a spit take when we heard that number, too.

Cool Springs Financial needed new branding, print collateral and a website to match the sophistication and uniqueness the group operates with on a daily basis. We set out to position Cool Springs Financial as the major player they are in the industry.

New Identity, New Voice, Stronger Impact

The new content strategy mirrors the confidence yet approachability of the folks at Cool Springs. Financial products may be complex, but the language used to articulate them shouldn’t be. We stripped messaging down, simplified visuals and helped Cool Springs convey the elegant swagger on which the business is built.


A Website that Looks Like a Million Bucks

Restructured, simplified and filled with new content, the new Cool Springs Financial site connects with the intended audience by using photography and copy equal parts inspirational and informative. The site works in tandem with email campaigns we run to create a financial funnel, generating leads with CTAs on every page.


Making a Fortune (Magazine Wrap)

Cool Springs Financial wanted to advertise their services on the cover of Fortune Magazine, wrapping around the publication in what amounted to four full-page ads. While the Fortune wraps we created ran, Cool Springs Financial’s sales people brought in more than a million dollars in personal profit. In just 6 months.


Leaving a Lasting Impression Behind

Tasked with creating sales collateral for Cool Springs Financial Managing Directors, we designed an accordion-folded piece filled with just enough information — enough information to whet the appetite of potential customers with a leave behind while allowing the sales folks to fill in the gaps and close the deal.


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