CapStar Bank

CapStar Bank

“You bank with people,” CapStar CEO Claire Tucker said. It was an offhanded yet heartfelt remark made in a planning meeting. It stuck with us.

This simple statement shaped our content strategy and approach across CapStar’s traditional print campaign, a website redesign, full rebrand and soon – signage for their new home in one of the tallest buildings in Nashville.

At CapStar, you don’t bank with a faceless corporation. You don’t bank with stuffy suits behind desks. You bank with people.

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People First

The bankers at CapStar are some of the nicest, brightest people you’ll meet in Nashville. Their advertising was stiff, complex and intimidating. Through a series of print ads, we highlighted CapStar’s expertise while also revealing the company’s authenticity and approachability. The ads and original photography humanize their bankers and bring personality to the brand.

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It Gets Personal

CapStar’s new site was more than a redesign. It’s a new philosophy. In contrast to the general banking website landscape, the new site removes the barrier between bankers and their customers. It provides clarity to CapStar’s offerings while revealing the company’s culture and personal approach to banking. The new site conveys the excitement and energy of CapStar’s staff, making customers feel the same way about working with them.