Adventures on the Gorge

Adventures on the Gorge

Adventures on the Gorge (AOTG) in West Virginia is famous for its whitewater rafting.

What it wasn’t known for was its incredible amenities: We’re talking deluxe cabins, camping, restaurants, a luxury pool, all that.

On its previous website, AOTG struggled to convey these compelling offerings. It was all whitewater, all the time. The rafting crowd was into it but families and other key segments of their audience needed more. They needed to see the place for what it truly is: The Adventure Resort.

aotg-home-web 1

A New Voice, With More Details

We started the website process by defining a new Voice for AOTG. This voice tapped into the brand’s iconic history, its founders are whitewater legends after all, and it also broadened the scope of AOTG’s messaging to be more inclusive toward all adventure seekers not just rafters. The site is infused with this authenticity; the messaging is clear, the visuals are inspirational, the user flow is impeccable.

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Consistency Is Key

Once you have a new website, you have to spread the word. That’s why for AOTG, and for almost all of our website projects, we create email templates that visually mirror the sites with which they correspond. It’s all about that brand consistency and AOTG’s strong email strategy developed by our media department ensures that every message reinforces the AOTG brand and its amazing products.


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