Paramore Wins 9 ADDYs, Loses Best Picture to Titanic

Paramore Wins 9 ADDYs, Loses Best Picture to Titanic

Reluctant tastemaker Paramore Digital captured 9 ADDYs including Best in Show and Copywriter of the Year at the 53rd Annual Nashville American Advertising Awards on March 3, 2018. The Nashville-based agency, owned by Osborn + Barr, earned 4 ADDYs for its “I Love You” spot for the YWCA of Nashville & Middle TN.

Watch "I Love You."

Its “Moving Day” spot for Vanderbilt University won another 4 ADDYs, including two Golds and the Best in Show - Interactive ADDY.

Watch "Moving Day."

In addition, our very stable VP of Strategy Matt Burch captured Copywriter of the Year and also wore sparkly shoes that a lot of people liked we’re told.

(Hey, psst... Can we get vulnerable now? We never get vulnerable: The awards are nice and validating, but it's the stories that matter. That's what we hope you remember. If you stumbled on this article but haven't seen the above videos, watch them. Please. Because 20 people are abused by their partners every minute. More than 40,000 children are treated for cancer every year. These are big battles that a video or an award can't fix. But we're going to keep trying. We hope you try, too.)

And.... we're back: Here's a full breakdown of our awards so you can include all the details in your glowing puff piece, media member.

Best of Show (Film/Interactive): Vanderbilt "Moving Day"

Copywriter of the Year: Matt Burch

Gold -- Internet Commercial (Single Spot): Vanderbilt "Moving Day"

Gold -- Public Service Online Film, Video, Sound: YWCA "I Love You"

Gold -- Public Service Online Film, Video, Sound: Vanderbilt "Moving Day"

Gold -- Cinematography: "YWCA: I Love You"

Silver -- Internet Commercial (Single Spot): YWCA "I Love You"

Silver -- Copywriting: YWCA "I Love You"

Silver -- Cinematography: Vanderbilt "Moving Day"